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Are you the lexicophile who has the flair to master new words? Do you have the skill to couple it with the technicality of Materials Engineering? Then behold the finest materials crossword ever. Puzzle solving abilities like thinking, observing, searching and not getting deceived by appearances helps you to hit the bulls’ eye.Click here to go to the event page


Camera-Chimera Collaboration
If you think you have the eye for the detail and the angle for the camera, then let your imagination soar to get the best shot for Cli-Q. The event is a gauge of your photographic talent, time consciousness and creativity. Click here to go to the event page


Ever wondered what talcum powder is made up of? Ever stopped to think of the processes involved in making your can of Diet Coke? Did you know that our lead pencils do not contain the element lead at all?

Flabbergasted already?! Online Quiz is here to make your eyes pop wider, curiosity stronger and make you ponder on such hackneyed stuff that we can see all around, but never thought to be important. It is a fun-filled event that tests your knowledge of trivial but indispensable materials.Click here to go to the event page


The online treasure tests ones’ out of the box thinking ability to relate clues and to hit the targeted answer. Faster and divergent thinking approach and ability to search things is very important. Remember the internet is always at your disposal. So this would be the place for all the inquisitive quizzers out there.

Are you a lateral thinker? Then this game is a bed of roses for you. Click here to go to the event page


Qraffiti is an event wherein participants are expected to submit pictures of technical and engineering marvels and express the idea behind it. Express the ideology behind a picture as crisp as possible and win the event.
Click here for Qraffiti rules and examples!

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